Econometrics made easy — Gretl

21 Jan, 2015 at 21:53 | Posted in Statistics & Econometrics | Comments Off on Econometrics made easy — Gretl


Thanks to Allin Cottrell and Riccardo Lucchetti we today have access to a high quality tool for doing and teaching econometrics — Gretl. And, best of all, it is totally free!

Gretl is up to the tasks you may have, so why spend money on expensive commercial programs?

The latest snapshot version of Gretl – 1.9.92 – can be downloaded here.

So just go ahead. With a program like Gretl econometrics has never been easier to master!

[And yes, I do know there’s another fabulously nice and free program — R. But R hasn’t got as nifty a GUI as Gretl — and at least for students, it’s more difficult to learn to handle and program. I do think it’s preferable when students are going to learn some basic econometrics to use Gretl so that they can concentrate more on “content” rather than “technique.”]

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