Top economics blogs

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Superb blog with a mix of top American and European economists and well presented. Covers topical issues with various opinions.

10) Paul Krugman’s Blog
Princeton University Professor and Nobel Laurete

11) Brad De Long’s Blog
Berkely University Professor

12) Economist’s View
Mark Thomas University of Oregon. A very popluar blog and it also has links to other blog posts.

A superb resource for new ideas and commentarty on the gloabl economy and finance by some of the best minds in the economics and finance professions.

A popular blog looking at the US economy and the financial sector. The blog has many contributors and is hence able to give a wide range of coverage and viewpoints.

If you are interested in learning the causes of the current global financial crisis then Steve Keen’s blog is an excellent starting point. He uses Hyman Minsky’s approach to analyse the dynamics and causes of the current crisis.

Real World Economics Review is a blog/economics journal with plenty of real world applications of economic theory. There are a variety of contributors providing their perspective on how economics can be applied to the real world with supporting tables, graphs and data analysis. Plenty of questioning and criticism of the economics mainstream.

61) Lars P Syll’s Blog
If you are interested in the History and Philosophy of Economics then Lars Syll’s blog gives an excellent overview of some of the big debates and ideas in economics. He is currently Professor at Malmö University.

The Institute for New Economics Thinking has a mission to provide new approaches to economic thinking rather than the mainstream consensus. Its blog is particularly useful for those looking for alternatives viewpoints on the current economics problems. There are often accompanying videos.

This primarily Canadian blog written by 5 Canadian economists provides useful insights into a variety of topics such as education, health, finance, inequality and much more.


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