Phil Mirowski on neoliberalism

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(h/t Jan Milch)


  1. Hey Sam,

    Yesterday on the show you said you were interested in how corporate funding affects universities and asked for a recommendation of someone who studies it. You should get onto the economist and historian of science Philip Mirowski. He wrote a book called Science-Mart that deals with it. I summarised one of the arguments on my blog. It’s quite short, you should check it out:

    Here are Mirowski’s contact details. I interviewed him once, he’s a nice guy:

    And here is the book together with a link to a radio interview:

    He’s also doing some interesting work on how the Nobel Prize in economics is a fake tat was created by right-wingers in Sweden. But perhaps that’s a bit off topic.

    Good luck in the podcast awards. I’ve been voting.



  2. Too abstract and amorphous for me; bordering on mumble jumble

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