Soros & the theory of reflexivity

23 Jan, 2014 at 10:17 | Posted in Theory of Science & Methodology | 2 Comments

jemThe Journal of Economic Methodology has published a special issue on the theory of reflexivity developed by George Soros.

The issue includes a new article by Soros and responses and critiques from 18 leading scholars in economics and the history and philosophy of science.

The issue can be accessed free of charge here.


  1. Soros’ article got me very cross – until I read his note at the end. From a mathematical point of view he still repeatedly contradicts himself, but is still worth reading: it may even lead to a break though: after all, money is still respected.

    I blog on the implications for the role of mathematics using an example of driverless cars at

    Thanks for the pointer.

  2. Hi Lars,

    May I ask you, do you know an economist who tried to use reflexivity in order to justify rational expectations? Like saying that people do have model-consistent expectations because of the influence of what they think on what actually is.

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