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Objectively, blogs are subjective, so coming up with a list of the top 10, top 15, or top 100 economics blogs is no easy undertaking. Economics bloggers vary widely from individual students and professors sharing their thoughts on current events, new research or the state of the profession to the blogging superstars like Greg Mankiw, Paul Krugman and Tyler Cowen.

Instead of trying to rank the blogs, we are simply going to list some of our favourites. These are the blogs to which we turn when looking for interesting, informative, and offbeat articles to share. All of these blogs provide some insight into the economics profession and we at INOMICS enjoy going through them and sharing the most interesting articles each day with our readers, especially on Twitter.

Aguanomics Evolving Economics
Angry Bear Ezra Klein’s Wonkblog
Askblog Felix Salmon
Becker-Posner Blog Freakonomics
Cafe Hayak Greg Mankiw’s Blog
Calculated Risk Lars P. Syll
Carpe Diem Macro and Other Market Musings
Cheap Talk Mainly Macro
Confessions of a Supply Side Liberal Marginal Revolution
Conversable Economist Market Design
Core Economics Modeled Behavior
Curious Cat Naked Capitalism
Don’t worry, I’m an economist NEP-HIS Blog
Econbrowser New Economic Perspectives
EconLog Noahpinion
Econometrics Beat Overcoming Bias
Economic Incentives Paul Krugman
Economic Logic Real Time Economics
Economist’s View  Real World Economics Review
Economists Do It With Models Steve Keen’s Debtwatch
Economix The Market Monetarist
Economonitor Thoughts on Economics
Econospeak Tim Harford
Ed Dolan’s Econ Blog Vox EU
  Worthwhile Canadian Initiative



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  1. Great compilation, Lars, thanks for putting these all in one place…

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