Libertarian paradise

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  1. How pathetic. English Common Law notions of private property, freedom of contract and personal integrity are rigorously enforced in Somalia, right?

    You make your living based upon gross misrepresentations.

    • I believe it is meant as something called humour. Please refer to .

      • Bob Roddis wouldn’t know humour if it bit him hard, right in the you-know-where.

    • “rigorously enforced” — by free market protection agencies? Maybe a bit of humor here yourself.

      • Because human beings could never voluntarily agree to not slaughter each other, I guess. They would always need to call on an exogenous force, like Martians, to keep themselves from robbing, killing and cheating each other.

        A Columbus Day celebration painting. Spaniards attack an Indian village in Colombia, early 1500s while looking for gold. No one really liked gold, but it had value because the government made you pay your taxes with it.  Or so said Warren Mosler.

        • Yeah, cause we all now that libertarians is the first when it comes to building community and push for collaboration between individuals…

          Put your money where your mouth is. Build a community and show the world how its done better.

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