How dare you ask us about the real world! We’re economists!

6 May, 2013 at 16:54 | Posted in Economics | 6 Comments

Added: For a longer version of the conference  –  here.


  1. Damn, I wish i would have thought about the universal answer “It’s complicated” when I had my dissertation, would have been much simpler.

    Problem in this case is that that answer raises other questions.
    Is it complicated with regards to your career, and affiliations?
    Is it complicated in the sense that you have limited knowledge and understanding of how it works?
    Is it complicated as in the answer is comlicated (for you to understand)?

    So which complicated is it, is it corruption, incompetence or arrogance?

    All three would be bad.

  2. FYI, the video omits several minutes from the press conference in which Sims and Sargent actually did answer the question. The cut version comes originally from Peter Schiff’s show, and is, in my opinion, extremely dishonest.

    • That remains to be seen, do you have a link to the uncut version?

      • sure,
        the question starts at about 14:00

        • I think the two minute clip above summarized it pretty well.

          Passive, administrative thinking dead center of the box.

  3. Mike Papatonio on Deficit and Debt hysteria in media and elsewhere.

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