The sky’s the limit?

2 Dec, 2012 at 15:03 | Posted in Varia | 2 Comments

happy-cartoon-boy-jumping-and-smiling3 Yours truly launched this blog a year and a half ago. The number of visitors has  increased steadily. From having about 1 000 visitors per month last spring, I’m now having almost 40 000 visitors per month. A blog is sure not a beauty contest, but given the rather “wonkish” character of the blog – with posts mostly on economic theory, statistics, econometrics, theory of science and methodology – it’s rather gobsmacking that so many are interested and take their time to read and comment on it. I am – of course – truly awed, honoured and delighted!


  1. Good luck Lars and I am not only happy for you, but I am happy about the fact that so many people are fed up with neo-classical economics.

  2. Not a surprise, really. It’s a damn good blog which provides accessible routes into technical material

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