Econometrics with Gretl

27 October, 2012 at 12:04 | Posted in Statistics & Econometrics | 1 Comment

Thanks to Allin Cottrell and Riccardo Lucchetti we today have access to a perfect tool for doing and teaching econometrics – Gretl. And, best of all, it is totally free! 

Professor Lee Adkins now has a new version (1.041) of his Gretl manual to Hill, Griffith & Lim’s Principles of Econometrics (4th ed, 2011). In this new version Adkins shows the full power of the scripting language of Gretl, called Hansl. There is also new material on Monte Carlo simulation, loop constructions etc, that certainly will please the more advanced users. But as in earlier versions, Adkins also amply shows how increadibly easy it is to operate this statistics/econometrics program.

Gretl is up to the tasks you may have, so why spend money on expensive commercial programs? 

Adkins’ manual can be downloadd here.

So just go ahead. I promise, with a program like Gretl and a manual like this, even econometrics can be fun!


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  1. Fine — I’ll try it, and if I don’t magically transform from a stats moron into an econometric whiz overnight, I’ll blame the program.

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