Senseless austerity advocates

29 September, 2012 at 10:05 | Posted in Economics | 8 Comments

Is that all British conservatives can come up with trying to take a debate with Paul Krugman on austerity politics? What unbelievable nonsense! I don’t think I’ve ever heard so much stupidity during eight minutes before on BBC.


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  1. I recall watching this interview – Krugman wiped the flaw with them. Sadly this (IMHO) reflects more on the laziness of Newsnight’s editorial team than the quality of austerity debaters available.

  2. The arguments of austerity hawks do not ever change. The same level of stupid that is evident to everyone willing to think. I do not hold much hope for the future: in democracies, it is this breed of morons who shape the policies of countries; in autocracies, the power belongs to the thieves and tyrants who care little for the public good.

    Sometimes I wonder if Krugman really believes in his cause or if he just found a comfortable niche for himself. Regardless, he is somewhat of a paragon of the left. And a good writer (have his ‘Conscience of a Liberal’ on my desk… good read). Perhaps he is even more heterodox-leaning than he is willing to admit. His books for the general public read somewhat… differently from his blog posts.

  3. Instämmer Lars. Speciellt det där fruntimret som självsäkert upprepar den gamla felaktigheten att ett lands ekonomi är som ett hushålls. Den här videon skulle användas i undervisningssyfte på varje högskola runt om i landet.

  4. Great Lars!Well no wonder old U.K is in trouble.Here is an even worse corservative-libertarian.Walter Block a professor in economics at New Orleans it seems.He wan´t to take an even further step back to dark ages and implement some sort of “Voluntary Slavery”,it seems!I think he was taughed personally by both Ayn Rand and Murray Rothbard so it don´t suprise me!Annie Lööf maybee like this one to?
    Have a great week Lars!

    • Unbelievable stupidity.Are people like that for real?

      • Dear Lars!Sometimes i don´t know if one should laugh or cry!This one seem to be for real, but he seem to be a figure in some Woody Allen comedy or something.But i read that the buffon was personal friend to Ayn Rand and taught economics by Murray Rothbard personally.And this Walter Block have bought Rothbard concept about Children as Commodities owned by their parents,and other fare out nutcase ideas!The sad thing is that fare out right like Koch brothers,etc.wealthy donors drown internet with their think tank videos with such as Block.It beguine to be a real problem!If one goes in to YouTube it is sad!There is Freidman,von Mises Rothbard etc.real big names with sometims a a half milion viewers!A lot young kids today get their first introduction in economics by such as Block and his ilk!It no incident i think that Republican Party pandering to this loony crowd and talk about return to Gold standard etc!

      • In case people don’t read the comments, I decided to post the video. Thanks a lot Jan!

      • Thank you dear Lars!You are one of a kind!The viewers of this excellent blog from other countries then ours ,i assume soon have learned the true meaning of Swedish word “Folbildare”!You work in that proud tradition and it honor you very much!All the best to you Lars!!

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