My favourite book on Keynes

24 juli, 2012 kl. 22:10 | Publicerat i Economics | 3 kommentarer

Keynes’s economic theory is intimately connected with the epistemological and methodological view he presented already in his Treatise on Probability. To Keynes, economic theory is always unsatisfactory if it is based on the scientist distancing himself from a reality characterized by our knowledge of the future being fluctuating,vague and uncertain.  The main difference between Keynes and neoclassical macroeconomics is – on the deepest level – centered around this point.

In a world in equilibrium there is no difference between now and then. In such a world there is no need for Keynes. But – it is also a fact that the cradle of equlibrium analysis silences all really interesting economic questions.

3 kommentarer

  1. Will have to read. My favorite so far was Edward Amadeo’s Keynes’ Principle of Effective Demand.

  2. Is it available in English?

    • Sorry, but no. You’ll have to freshen up your Swedish 🙂

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